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Italian Lace Events was born out of a passion for making amazing events happen against all odds.

This organization brings vision, imagination and wonder to every event. Our obsession with destination weddings in Italy fuels our creativity and drive to create something unique for each couple.  Through the years we have expanded to engagement trips, vow renewals and anniversary celebrations.  In short, if love is the celebration... We. Are. In.  

The goal for each event is to support you through the wedding planning process, there is a solution for every step.  If you and your fiancé are incredibly busy and don't want to spend every precious free moment for the next 12+ months on wedding details, Italian Lace Events has a custom service plan to take all the stress away.  If you have been dreaming of this process and are excited to jump in, our team is ready to get lost down every rabbit hole with you.  The team is here to remind you to savor the moments leading up to your unforgettable wedding in Italy.





Over fifteen years of event planning experience, on just about any kind of event you can think of. I embarked on planning my own wedding, something I always had thoughts about but never really pictured. During hours of research, that often went late into the night, I fell in love with Lake Como. I decided if I can plan events in our nation's capital,  I can plan them anywhere. It was during this journey I realized, if I didn't have years of experience and great contacts in Italy, planning would have been very difficult.  

Now I think back to my wedding and know how worth it, all the hard work was.  Every moment was a dream and I look forward to helping create your dream. 


That dream vision is what my team wants to bring to brides and grooms every day. If you think back to your wedding day and tears of joy reach your eyes... One, five or ten years later then we have done our job!

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